What’s your perfect Lube?

A premium lube graphite lubricant combined with organic and new generation waxes.

A unique bike lube that creates a thin, dry and resistant wax film, with low attraction to dirt.

Premium ceramic wax lube for all types of conditions. Formula with ceramic additives. One of the best mountain bike lubricant.

An excellent lubricant for dry conditions and long distances.

The most advanced formula lubricant for e-bikes. Provides extra corrosion protection. The best chain lube for e-bike chain.

The excellent wet lubrication for very extreme conditions. For muddy and unique situations. The best waterproof lube.

A chain lubrican spray formulated with teflon for optimum transmisión performance.

Is a multi purpose lubricant spray, (6 in 1 lubricant oil) with excellent properties loosening stiff parts or components.


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