ELECTRONICs E-Bikes Cleaner


Specific for electronic equipment
Rapidly removing oil
For all types of electrical equipment
Non a conductor


  • Blub Electronic E-Bike Cleaner is a specific and highly effective product in terms of cleaning all types of moisture-sensitive electronic equipment.
  • It has a dast drying action and penetrates hard to reach areas, rapidly removing oil, dirt and any remaining condensation residues.
  • It is suitable on all types of electronic and electrical equipment (Contacts, battery terminals, wiring terminals, electrical boards, circuit boards, etc.).
  • Is non conductor, leaves no residue and is safe for use on components, electronic and electrical system, plastic or rubber.
ELECTRONICs E-Bikes Cleaner

When to use it?

  • Remove all sources of current and leave the surface to be cleaned to cool.

  • Shake and apply to the surface to be treated. Electronic equipment, circuit boards, contacts, etc.

  • Remove any type of remaining dirt and allow to dry completely before use.
ELECTRONICs E-Bikes Cleaner
ELECTRONIC E-Bikes Cleaner

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