Blub will sponsor these races this month of April.

Blub, supporter of top-level cycling competitions.

As part of our marketing strategy, we will be participating as sponsors in some of the most exciting bicycle races in the world.

The Girona MTB Single Track – Klassmark is one of the races we will participate in.

This event takes place from March 31st to April 2nd in Girona, Spain.

The competition is a mountain bike race that features some of the most stunning landscapes in the region.

Another race we will be sponsoring is the Gran Fondo by Stefano Garzelli, which takes place from April 1st to 2nd in Valencia.

This event is a 1.0 version that aims to be one of the most important events on the gravel bike racing calendar, attracting cyclists from the region and around the world.

The Volcat Igualada is another competition we will be participating in.

Possibly the best race in all of Spain this April.

This event is a UCI MTB race that takes place from April 6th to 9th.

The race features some of the most challenging routes in the region and is a perfect opportunity for cyclists to showcase their skills and earn points.

The Gravel Circuit – Kiko del Rincón in Enguera, on April 23rd, is another race we will be sponsoring.

This event is a gravel bike race that features some of the most challenging routes in the region.

Finally, The Traka – Klassmark is another race we will be participating in.

This competition takes place from April 28th to 30th in Girona, Spain, and is also a gravel bike race.

Blub is always looking for new ways to promote the brand and a series of values that reflect our commitment to quality, performance, and cyclist safety.

Some of the key values we convey through our actions are:

Innovation: Blub is always at the forefront of technology and innovation to offer high-quality products that meet the needs of cyclists.

Quality: Quality is fundamental in the bicycle lubricant market.

Blub conveys the quality of its products and its commitment to manufacturing lubricants that are environmentally friendly, effective, durable, and safe.

Safety: Cyclists trust Blub to keep their bikes in good condition and prevent possible accidents.

Blub conveys a commitment to cyclist safety and ensures that its products meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

Respect for the environment: Blub is environmentally friendly and committed to sustainability.

Blub conveys through its actions its commitment to manufacturing products that are environmentally friendly and do not harm natural ecosystems.

Commitment to the cycling community: Finally, Blub is committed to the cycling community and supports cycling as a healthy and sustainable sport.

Blub always conveys its commitment to the well-being of cyclists and the promotion of an active and healthy lifestyle.

At Blub, we are proud to sponsor the best races on the national scene, providing cyclists with our high-performance lubricants they need to achieve their maximum performance.

Stay tuned for our upcoming participation in exciting races!

Blub, supporter of top-level cycling competitions.



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