Blub, the undisputed protagonist of Eurobike 2023 in its niche.

We are pleased to share the exciting participation of Blub at Eurobike, one of the most prominent events in the cycling world.

Throughout the month of June, this renowned brand of lubricants, sealants, and cleaners has made an indelible mark at this specialized fair, establishing itself as a leader in its sector.

With an impressive 90-square-meter booth, Blub has captivated the attention of attendees and won the hearts of cycling enthusiasts.

Its main objective at Eurobike has been to establish partnerships with distributors in Central Europe, with a special focus on the markets of Germany, Austria, France, Poland, and the Scandinavian region of Northern Europe.

Recognizing the importance of forging strong relationships in these key countries, Blub has invested in a prominent and strategic presence at this renowned fair.

Blub’s booth has not only been visually striking but has also served as a meeting point for entrepreneurs, distributors, and cycling professionals in the exclusive Hall 12.1.

During the event, Blub has showcased its full range of products, demonstrating their quality and versatility to visitors. From high-performance lubricants to specialized sealants and cleaners, the brand has shown its commitment to innovation and bike care.

Each product has been designed with the specific needs of cyclists in mind, offering effective and long-lasting solutions for bike maintenance and optimal performance.

Furthermore, the presence of the Movistar and Vas Arabay teams has been a valuable addition to Blub’s booth.

The bikes and equipment from these renowned teams have further enriched Blub’s space, capturing the attention of visitors and creating an atmosphere of authenticity and professionalism.

The collaboration with these elite teams reinforces confidence in Blub’s products, as they rely on their effectiveness and performance even in the most demanding competitions.

However, Blub’s participation at Eurobike was not solely focused on seeking distributors; we also took the opportunity to increase our visibility, presence, and market awareness.

Direct interaction with our customers and potential partners has allowed us to strengthen our brand image, establish solid business connections, and gather valuable feedback for future developments.

In summary, Blub’s presence at this year’s Eurobike has been a resounding success. With an impressive booth, we have made a lasting impression on attendees and sparked the interest of key distributors in Central Europe.

The exhibition of our product range and collaboration with elite teams have solidified Blub as a leading brand in the market of lubricants, sealants, and cleaners for bicycles.

The future of Blub looks promising, with an ever-growing presence in the cycling scene and a quality that leaves no room for doubt.


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