Blub and Movistar Team Join Forces: A Powerful Sponsorship Alliance in High-Competition Cycling

Great news for cycling enthusiasts! Blub becomes official supplier of Movistar Team. The brand specializing in Graphite and Teflon lubricants for bicycles, Blub, has just signed a sponsorship agreement with one of the most important high competition teams in the world, Movistar Team.

For those who don’t know, Movistar Team is a Spanish cycling team that has achieved important victories in races such as the Tour de France, the Vuelta a España and the Giro d’Italia.

This team is recognized for its professionalism, dedication and constant effort, which has made it a favorite of cycling fans around the world.

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Blub becomes official supplier of Movistar Team. The sponsorship agreement between Blub and Movistar Team is excellent news for cycling fans, as both brands have a lot in common.

Blub has stood out for its commitment to quality and innovation in its products, and has worked tirelessly to offer the best bicycle lubricants on the market.

Movistar Team, for its part, has demonstrated its commitment to excellence in top-level cycling, and has achieved important victories thanks to its dedication and constant effort.

Blub’s sponsorship of Movistar Team will allow the team’s cyclists to have access to the best lubrication products on the market, allowing them to improve their performance and obtain better results in their competitions.

In addition, Blub will have an excellent platform to promote its products internationally, thanks to the high visibility that Movistar Team has in the world of cycling.

In summary, the sponsorship agreement between Blub and Movistar Team is excellent news for cycling enthusiasts around the world. Both brands share a commitment to quality, innovation and excellence, and we are confident that this collaboration will yield excellent results.

Cycling fans can expect great things from Movistar Team in the upcoming competitions, with Blub becoming the official supplier of Movistar Team and supporting them in all their ranges of excellent lubrication products for high competition bikes, assures Movistar Team a season of great achievements and successes.

You can find more information on our main online communication channels. Our Instagram profile @blub_lube and our YouTube channel Blub lube provide details of how and why this agreement was forged.


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