3,228,43 IVA Incl.

Advanced chain lubricant for all kinds of conditions. Contains ceramic additives.
This is our PREMIUM ceramic lube. More protection and longivity on the chain. More protection and longevity on the chain.
Contains a wax base with ceramic particles that creates greater protection in the chain.
Once applied, more durability and resistence than Teflon (PTFE)
For road and mountain.

Prolongs and protects the life of the transmission
Reduces noise and friction
Dry in a few minutes, leaving a lubricating film with low attraction of dirt
and abrasive elements.
Longer duration between applications.
Clean transmission for longer
Easily removed with soap and water.
Hold departures between 120-150km

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When to use it?
In general for road trips due to the low attraction to its dirt and its easy cleaning. In the mountains it is also highly appreciated in dry conditions, especially.

Do not use in rainy or muddy conditions, or if you are going through wet areas since the water would remove the lubrication.

The effectiveness of the Wax with more additional protection.

How to use it?
1. Clean the chain with our Bike Cleaner
2. Shake and apply dry wax. One drop per link and one round of chain. That will create a hard and resistant layer of wax, which has very low attraction to dirt.
3. Let dry for 2 minutes
4. Go for the ride

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15ml (up to 10 applications), 120ml (up to 80 applications)


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